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Stephen Strasburg
A three-time MLB All-Star Game selection, Stephen is one of only nine pitchers to register double-figure victories every season from 2014 to 2018.

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Jose Guillen
Bryce Harper
Adam Dunn
Jerry Schoonmaker
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Keibert Ruiz
C.J. Abrams
Jose Ferrer

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* Factoid: Patrick Corbin played Pitcher for the mighty Nationals.
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Prior to injuring his elbow in July and undergoing Tommy John surgery in August, Tanner was evolving into a front-line closer. He sat eighth in the NL in saves at that time, overwhelming hitters chiefly with a fierce fastball that averaged 97.0 mph, and ranked within the top 10% in spin rate. Rainey did not allow a home run in his first 16 appearances.

Anthony paced the National League in doubles last season. He hiked his batting average for the third consecutive year to finish No. 4 in the circuit.

Although a newcomer, Camilo made himself right at home in '54 by leading the Nats' staff in Most Games Pitched. He hurled almost as many games last year as he did in '52-'53 Minor League seasons combined! Starting with Geneva in '51 Camilo worked his way up to Havana in '52 winning 8 games. He chalked up 10 Victories in the next year, to earn a promotion.

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Trea Turner
Sterling Sharp
Brandon Watson

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Chris Snelling, Outfield - Nationals.
Max Scherzer, Pitcher - Nationals.

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Juan Soto
Juan's 145 walks in 2021 were the second-most ever for a player age 22 or younger, trailing only the 147 Ted Williams drew in 1941. For Soto, all those free passes contributed to the top OBP in the Major Leagues, and a second-place finish in the NL MVP vote.

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