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Carl Hubbell
For the first time in his career as a major league pichter, Carl Hubbell, left-handed master of his now famous "Screwball", fell below the .500 mark. He won 11 and lost 12 for his worst season since he joined the Giants in 1928, but the old master is still regarded as one of the best bets on the Giant mound staff. Hubbell hurled 11 complete games last year, including a 1-hit masterpiece against Brooklyn on May 30th. His lifetime record shows the brilliant mark of 227 won against only 133 lost for an average of .631 with 1510 strikeouts and an earned run average of 2.86.

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Carl Hubbell
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* Factoid: Luis Matos played Outfield for the mighty Giants.
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Bill is a good fielder who thrills the spectators with his basket catches. He'll play anywhere the manager asks him to and do a good job. He appeared in 60 games for the Giants in 1952; batted an even .300. He's a good man for pinch hitting duties, because he can be counted on to either bunt or hit the long fly. Been in baseball since 1938 and with the Giants since 1946.

Fans are not going to forget Bobby's one out, last of the ninth home run in the third playoff game against the Dodgers last fall. It drove in 3 runs, gave the Giants the game, 5-4, and, with it, the pennant. Bobby hit .294 for the 1951 season. Drove in 101 runs. Had 32 homers.

Willie believed a ballplayer needed to have a well-rounded game to be great, and perhaps nobody better embodied the five-tool ideal better than he did. The "Say Hey Kid" was named to the MLB All-Star Game in 20 seasons while winning four National League home run crowns and a dozen fielding awards in center. In 1965, he snagged his second NL MVP Award.

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Jeff Brantley, Pitcher - Giants.
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Jesus Alou
San Francisco fans are cheering for the third ballplayer from the Alou household to play in Candlestick Park. Jesus led the Soph. League, Northwest League and PCL in basehits in '60, '61 & '63.

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