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Matt Olson
The Braves dealt for Matt to replace departed star Freddie Freeman at first base. It was an unassailable choice. The 2021 MLB All-Star and two-time fielding honoree logged a 1.041 OPS in his first 17 games for them.

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Alex Wood
Brad Clontz
Jason Marquis
Warren Spahn
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Austin Riley
Ronald Acuna, Jr.
Forrest Wall

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* Factoid: Dansby Swanson played Shortstop for the mighty Braves.
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The scrappy infielder was obtained from the California Angels late last season.

Fielding Tips - The Double Play. Experienced second basemen like "Rabbit" Maranville of the Boston Braves, know that the success of the double play depends on the throwing. If the second baseman starts the play, his throw must come to the pivot-man shoulder high so that he can make the catch and relay it to first base in the same motion. Four-fifths of all infield grounders are handled by the second baseman and the shortstop, and a close understanding and confidence is necessary between the two players before an expert double play combination can be developed. Strong arms and quick throwing are necessary on either side of second base.

Went to bat 572 times in 1951, hitting .280. In 148 games. Scored 101 runs. Among Sam's 160 hits, there were 18 homers, 10 triples, 29 doubles. He batted in 65 runs, fielded .974. His 35 stolen bases led the league in this branch of play for second straight year.

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John Burrus
Paul Marak
Mike Foltynewicz

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Felix Mantilla, Infield - Braves. and Felix Mantilla, Outfield - Braves.
Chris Johnson, Third Base - Braves.

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Carlton Willey
Willey has been toiling in the Braves' farm system since 1951. That year he broke in with Quebec with a 15-5 mark, and the league's top percentage. He repeated in '57, when he topped the A.A. in wins and percentage.

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