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Gary Croteau
One of the Rockies' brightest performers, he's a steady player.

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Paul Gardner
Dwight Foster
Walt McKechnie
Paul Gardner
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Bob Lorimer
Mike Kitchen
Joel Quenneville

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* Factoid: Bob Lorimer played Defense for the mighty Rockies.
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One of the Rockies' brightest performers, he's a steady player.

Scored goal for Kansas City Blues in game, Feb. 21, 1971.

Yvon joined the Rockies for the 1980-81 season and contributed 3 power play goals and a game tying goal to club's attack. He is a fine skater and puckhandler.

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Barry Dean
Yvon Vautour
Randy Pierce

Gallery Redux!

Garry Croteau, Left Wing - Rockies.
Michel Plasse, Goalie - Rockies.

Back to the Front! Rockies card back du jour...

Bob MacMillan
Bob sees a great deal of action on power-play and short-handed situations on ice for the Flames.

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