CCM: Trading Card Gallery Preview


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Searching, Sorting, and Filtering Results

If you need more information on searching, sorting and filtering results, you've come to the right place.

Not Seeing Any Results?

Sometimes a filter has been set on a previous set of cards, and when the filter is applied to the current set or gallery, no cards will match. Click 'Filter' above (next to 'No cards match your selection") and ensure the filters are not set 'over aggressively'.

Alternately, sometimes a name search is performed, and due to a typo, no card names or titles will match. Check your entry by clicking 'Search/Sort' above and either retype the name, or clear out the 'Name contains...' field to get everything.

How to View the CCM Page Header

In order to allow the cards to be displayed in the best way possible, the CCM Page Header is hidden away from sight. If you'd like to see the Page Header in order to navigate to a different section of the site, simply move your cursor all the way to left edge of the browser window. The Page Header should appear long enough for you to use the menus and visit any other area of the museum in the regular way.